Building Construction

Deneza M performs all activities in structural engineering with help of professional staff led by experienced civil engineers, followed by technical staff and numerous construction workers (men power).

Staff education and training to work with modern formwork and scaffolding systems and with other equipment and machinery is the most important Company task. Therefore the Investor's triple aim (in time-quantity-quality) is easily achieved without neglecting maximum of safety, health and environmental criteria.

Civil Engineering Construction

Execution of works and provision of engineering services on construction and reconstruction of roads, support buildings, and facilities (tunnels, bridges, etc.), soft and hard landscaping, as well as all infrastructure works.


Production plant of Deneza M, specialized for designing, production, transport, assembly and supervision over execution of prefabricated concrete structures, comprises:

  • Concrete plant with capacity of 100 m3/h
  • Reinforcing plant with capacity of 37.000 tons per year
  • Concrete structure line with capacity of 240.000 m2
  • Hollow slab line with capacity of 180.000 m2 per year

Foundation Engineering

Special sector engaged in specialized works in construction – deep foundation, execution of RC diaphragms (max. depth 35 m), bored piles (max. Depth 40 m) and CFA piles (max. depth 24 m).

Works executed in 2008 – 2013

  • Bored piles 74.700,44 m
  • CFA piles 18.771,10 m
  • Franki piles 11.533,43 m
  • Gravel piers 14.615,00 m
  • DSM piles 11.202,00 m
  • Micro piles 5.065,95 m