About Us

Deneza M Engineering Company

Deneza M Inženjering exists and operates in construction field for over twenty years, constantly confirming its status of a reliable partner. Thanks to its meticulously selected staff, especially skilled and qualified engineers, Deneza M Inženjering has grown into one of the leading construction companies on both domestic and regional market.

over 650.000 m2

This is confirmed by numerous references, with over 650,000 m2, i.e. 100 completed projects within last five years in building construction, civil engineering, and foundation engineering.

leading partner of the investors on the international projects

Besides experienced staff, we are proud of our modern equipment, necessary for successful execution of all construction stages. Deneza M Inženjering possesses all resources to rise to the top of construction industry, achieve the world standards in construction and engineering, and become the leading partner of the Investors on international projects. In addition to its strategic main activity within building construction, the company has created special organizational units for foundation engineering, civil engineering construction, designing of buildings, and has recently launched internal product line of prefabricated concrete elements.

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